Week 6: From Vine to Wine


As I shared in the last blog, this is the prime time for wine! Everyone is harvesting and getting ready to begin the process of making wine. Yesterday, Papa and I headed to Grand-mère’s vineyards and harvested grapes! I had so much fun! While it was not the same as picking pumpkins, I loved experiencing new fall traditions. Within the first few minutes, I accidentally cut my finger open. I guess I blinked while I was cutting the vine and next thing I knew, blood was running down my hand. Luckily, my uncle had a band-aid handy, and I continued with cutting grapes. I loved talking with grand-mère and laughing all throughout the day. I don’t know why, but it is as if she has been my grandmother my whole life. She is so welcoming and loving each time I see her! Grand-mère prepared a delicious picnic which included the best coffee, sausage, homemade ham (best in the world), and croissants. Afterwards, we headed to the press to turn the grapes into wine! It was incredible to see all the grapes pressed into juice. I think everyone could tell I was a foreigner, because my mouth was open the entire time in awe! While Papa was speaking with the man at the counter, another man started to talk with me about the press and the long line. It was so weird, because I didn’t have to think at all. I just responded in French as if it was normal! I felt so proud of myself afterwards! It’s kind of funny now, but it’s the smallest things like that cause me so much joy! I can definitely tell that my French is improving a lot each day, especially because Maman corrects my French as I speak. Then, I know exactly what I said wrong and what I was supposed to say. Bref, (a new French phrase I learned this week!) I cannot wait to harvest more grapes and spend time with the family among the vineyards!!! I’m definitely on Cloud Wine! haha (Don’t worry mom, I just harvest for the wine, I don’t drink it)



Grapes for white wine!
I thought this was the coolest thing ever! Papa loaded up the crates of grapes onto this carrier, and then my uncle would descend to the truck! So efficient and brilliant!
I have never seen such a large container filled with grapes. It was taller than me!!
Not going to lie, I was pretty proud of the grapes I harvested, even if I was the slowest at harvesting. Papa and Grand-mère always had 2x the amount of grapes than I did. haha


I can now add grape harvester to my college application!!



Grapes for red wine!
Grapes entering the press! It’s juice time!!