SC’S Budget Friendly London Guide

London is by far one of my favorite cities in the world, but it is known for being quite expensive. After visiting three times, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to get around the incredible city on a student’s budget. Enjoy!!

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Sky Garden : Ever wanted to see London from a bird’s eye view without having to pay an arm and a leg? The Sky Garden is an incredible FREE viewing point 155 metres high in the sky. Once you find 20 Fenchurch St., you can take the elevator right up to the top floor and soak in a 360 degree view of London. There are multiple restaurants you can choose from inside the three-story glass dome. I highly recommend the raspberry and white chocolate scones with a soy milk latte from the cafe! Since the gardens are so popular, make sure to go onto to book your free reservation 3 weeks in advance !

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Mamma Mia : London is known for it’s massive theatre scene, so make sure to not miss out on seeing a play. There are many sites such as Theatre People and the Official London Theatre site to find inexpensive tickets. Margaret and I were able to snag two tickets to Mamma Mia for less than 50 dollars each !

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Peggy Porchens : As a girl who loves pink and Pinterest resturaunts, I was in heaven!! Peggy Porchens is an adorable cafe located in Chelsea. While it does run on the pricier side, the chocolate cake and salted caramel cupcake are to die for!

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Big Ben/ Buckingham Palace : Just one tube stop away from each other, you can’t visit London without snagging a photo in front of these iconic buildings ! Tip : Go as early in the morning as possible to avoid having hundreds of people in your photos. I went around 9:00am in the morning and the tourists were just starting to arrive.

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Camden Market: While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I absolutely adore Camden Market. You can find food from all over the world and very inexpensive souvenirs ! Don’t be afraid to barter with the vendors ! They want to sell you their items and will almost always take a lower price than what is listed. Also, make sure to shop around before buying anything! Most of the vendors all have the same London souvenirs, so never buy something till you find the cheapest place. You have to look for a while, but I found most things for a pound or less, the farther I walked into the markets. Tip : Since it can be a little sketchy, take 30 pounds cash with you in small bills and coins. That way you have a limit set for yourself, and you don’t have to risk identity theft.

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Millennium Bridge : Make sure to save time to take a stroll down Millennium Bridge. St. Paul’s is located at one end, and the Globe Theatre is on the other side. (my inner Shakespear-lover freaked out!! If you love Shakespeare, save time to take a tour and see a play at the Globe!) You can also see the London Bridge and more of the beautiful architecture London has to offer ! Try to avoid rush hour, or you will be caught in a sea of business men and women rushing to and from work.

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Covent Garden : From funky to fresh, Covent Garden has it all ! You can find all the freshest trends in the shops that line Seven Dials. Just make sure to be careful when crossing between the seven streets. Make sure to look down the allies for Neils yard. Brightly painted buildings and funky restaurants are all tucked in this London secret. Margaret and I found an incredible vegan restaurant and shared an açai bowl and amazing vegan chocolate bars !!

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London is an incredible city that is sure to have something for everyone ! While it can be very expensive, there are plenty of free attractions and ways to make London fit anyone’s budget ! Tip : London has an incredible of parks with bikes that are only 2.00 a day !



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