Right at Home: The Weekend in London

A true vacation for a teenage girl involves a lot of sleep and food. Thus, Saturday afternoon started at the grocery store! It was the weirdest feeling to understand the label on every product in the store! I kept saying, “I can read everything without thinking! It’s all in English!!” To satisfy our sweet tooth, Margaret and I decided Saturday night was simply meant for baking and movies! We picked up a Betty Crocker confetti cake mix (my favorite) from the American store and the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. In order for us to justify eating so many sweets later in the night, we took Scout (Margaret’s adorable dog) for a walk through Kensington Park. Since we knew baking would be a lot of strenuous work, (hahahaha) we decided to commence my sushi obsession and pick up some from itsu on the way home!

Sunday morning started around 10am with Cheerios and Say Yes to the Dress! Once I had prepared myself for the day, I headed out to Columbia Rd. for the famous Columbia Rd. Flower Market!! This incredible flower market is only open on Sundays from 8:00am-3:00m. I absolutely adore flowers, so you could say I was in heaven. The entire street is jam-packed with vendors and every type of flower! After scouting out all the options, I finally decided on three bouquets with a purple and yellow theme.

Once I arranged all the flowers throughout the apartment, I headed out to the 5:45pm Hillsong London service! I was excited, but a little nervous since it was the first time I had ever been to church alone. Once I found a seat, I became great friends with the two ladies sitting next to me and the group of teens behind me. Since everyone at Hillsong is so kind and welcoming, I immediately felt like I was back at IBC (my church) in West Virginia! I felt a tear of joy fall down my face during the first worship song. While singing in my room is great, I loved being surrounded by so many people who love God just as much as I do! The sermon was incredible and gave a new perspective on the crucifixion of Christ from God’s point of view. I never pondered the pain God went through to give up His only son for a world of sinners. Without Jesus dying on the cross, it would be impossible to have a relationship with God due to all of my sins. I loved how the preacher ended by saying, “It has been an honor and privilege to share this message with you all tonight.” Now that I have more of a global mindset, I’ve come to realize how much of an honor and privilege freedom of speech is for me. Even writing this blog could land me in jail in certain countries!

It is the little things like understanding a cereal box and baking cakes to being able to say whatever you want that we must never take for granted!

I hope you enjoy the little slideshow I put together!

P.S. Wait till the end for a surprise the pastor delighted the whole audience with at the beginning of his sermon!



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