This past Saturday, another exchange student and I headed to the famous village of Interlaken! The town is well-known due to the Jungfrau (highest point in Europe),  panoramic view of the Alps, and stunning lakes. After a few weeks of fog, we were lucky enough to catch a day with nothing but blue skies and 10 degree (50 degrees farenheit) weather!!  The quaint village has a train station at either end and plenty of cute hotels and touristy shops in-between. While some of the cable car rides can get to be pretty pricey, we chose to pay 20 francs and take the Niederhorn lift. Once at the top, there are plenty of people dining at the restaurant, sledding, and getting ready to takeoff for paragliding! I definitely want to save some money to go paragliding or skydiving before I leave Switzerland! Since we are typical, poor exchange students, we opted to enjoy the view and then grab a bit to eat at Migros to end the day. I definitely would like to revisit Interalken this Spring and see all the other natural wonders it has to offer!

Rating: 7/10

Tip: For skiing and sledding, winter is a great time to visit. If you want to enjoy the views and waterfalls, April is the best time to go to Interlaken. You will be there before all the summer crowds and just in time for the opening of all the cable cars.

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