Happy Valentine’s Day!

Salut mes amours!

No matter where you go in the world, love is a universal language given and received by all. Today’s holiday might be celebrated a little different in each country, but everyone is reminded of love. I could write for hours about each person I love so dearly. I have been given the two most amazing families and blessed with priceless friendships. Instead of writing about each person that has touched and shaped my life (love you guys so much!!), I want to tell you about something new that I’ve learned to love: moments.

Since studying abroad, I have become really conscious of the fact that there is an end. I only have so many days here, and there is no pause button. This makes it vital to cherish each moment. I have learned to love the awkward embarrassing moments when I have mistranslated something. The moments of throwing routine to the wind and just living have become true treasures to me. Most importantly, I have truly fallen in love with being in awe of God’s creation! I absolutely adore when I can’t help but let my jaw drop. Taking the time to look up from my phone or agenda to actually see the incredible masterpiece that sits right in front of me is truly life changing. Granted I live in Almost Heaven West Virginia and Valais, there are breathtaking views everywhere for you to fall in love with everyday.

Instead of letting routine, fear, and stress blind you, make the point to love the uncertainty and adventure of life. Hopefully you had the chance today to make sure your loved ones know how special there are to you, but don’t forget to pause and enjoy the moments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!




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