Week 16: Jolly Good Times


This week was full of festivities from baking, traveling, skiing, to attending Swiss German festivals! December is always very busy, and this past week was no exception!!

Papa and I went skiing at Veysonnaz/ Thyon last Sunday! I really liked these slopes, because there are a lot of places for you to ski! I even skied on some parts that were black diamond. I was nervous at first, but I realized I had to get down the mountain someway: on my face or on my skis. It ended up really boosting my confidence! I can’t wait to return to Veysonnaz!

On Monday, I traveled from Sion to Lucerne to tour the town with AFS! Even with the fog and cold, we still had an incredible time! We went on a boat tour, and then headed back to the leader’s house! She was so kind and welcoming. Since Lucerne is in the Swiss German region, she would speak in German to her husband, French to me, and English to her exchange student. She had a women from Pennsylvania staying with her for a month. The woman was actually an AFS exchange student to the family 25 years ago! It was truly inspiring to see that your AFS family doesn’t end after the year, but rather your other home for life.

After eating, we headed to a Swiss German festival. It was quite interesting, but a really cool learning experience. There are almost 1,000 men dressed in white robes with huge bells, an instrument, or a stained glass hat. They were celebrating the hunt for St. Nicholas. Here, St. Nicholas comes on the 6th and brings peanuts and clementines for the children. I loved experiencing the Swiss German culture and learning about the holiday.

This week included Ben’s 19th birthday! (my older brother)  This video was taken last year at my 16th birthday dinner. No matter what, Ben always knows how to make me laugh! He has such a joyful spirit and love for life! If I ever need something, Ben is definitely someone I can always count on! Happy birthday Ben!!

This week also included Karla’s birthday! Even though I just met her 3 months ago, we have gotten very close and enjoyed many moments together traveling! Since we both love traveling, each month we plan a trip to somewhere new together! So far we have been to Zermatt, Neuchatel, Lucerne, and Milan! I am so blessed to now have an incredible friend in the Dominican Republic! Happy 18th birthday Karla!!

I trust that you are enjoying the Christmas season and spending time with your loved ones! There are only 14 days till Christmas!!



One thought on “Week 16: Jolly Good Times

  1. Hi SC, Loved all five videos and the music 🎶 that went along with them. Looks like a jolly good time! Thanks for posting and sharing your adventures with us. We love you! M&D


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