College Crazy!!


After watching my two brothers and many friends go through the college application process, I have seen just how difficult and stressful it can be if you procrastinate. That is why I am determined to complete as many things this year while I have a lot of time on my hands and no stress from high school. I have already started studying for the SAT and ACT, and I am planning to go to Geneva in January and April to take these exams. If anyone has any testing tips, I am open to anything and everything!!

I have noticed that I thrive in smaller classrooms and when I knew my professor was a Christian. This is why I have decided to attend a small Christian university for my pre-medical studies, which will then enable me to have a strong foundation in my faith and skills for my future job aspirations. FYI, I am completely open to university recommendations!! I have already started the applications for Gordon and Baylor, but I would like to do more research to ensure the perfect fit.

In the mean time, when I am not studying French or hitting the slopes, I will be studying for the SAT and ACT. Please pray for me to stay motivated and trust in God’s path for my future. It is scary to take on the college process 4,000 miles away from home, but I know with your prayers and support, the final result will be worth it!



2 thoughts on “College Crazy!!

  1. Enjoyed reading your post and will definitely pray for God to give you wisdom as you pray about the right college. In the small Christian College category, I would recommend Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. One of our daughters went there and loved it. All of Pastor George’s four kids went there. They are academically excellent, but have a good spiritual atmosphere on campus. The Lord will give you wisdom as you plan ahead:-)

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  2. I have been enjoying your posts. Makes me wish i had done something like that in my youth. Is there anything you need, like boot socks, chap stick, comforts from home, WV, USA?


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