Time’s Flying: 3 Months

And just like that, another month has flown past me! This month has been full of adventures since I had two weeks off of school for Fall Break! I loved having the break to travel and regroup for the second half of this semester! I cannot believe Christmas is only 38 days away!! Each day brings new Christmas lights and joy to my heart! I love Christmas season and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, my Savior!!                    Below is a quick recap of this incredible past month!!

Places I visited this month:Milan, Italy, Lucerne, Lugano, Lausanne, Mt. Pilatus, Domodossola, Italy, Vevey, Charlie Chaplin Museum,numerous hikes with Papa, Annecy, France, and Crans-Montana

First times: presented on the United States for 45 minutes in all French, skied in the Swiss Alps, visited Italy without knowing any Italian, snowed in October, painted 2 point perspective houses, ate a burger and had ice in my drink since I left the USA, attended the opening of a Lush store, ate the best pizza in the world in Italy, got all my math homework correct, received a 4 on an exam (it was Gym but it’s still the highest grade I have gotten hahaha), lived in Switzerland for 3 months of pure bliss

Favorite moments: traveling with Karla to Milan, Melanie’s 16th birthday weekend, learning to ski, presenting about the USA                                                                                (Swiss people are obsessed with the USA and Reese’s. If anyone wants to send anymore Reese’s I know they would be greatly appreciated hahaha) Special thanks to the Tanners, Momo,and my mom for sending me Reese’s for my presentations!

Hardest moment: My teachers found out that I can speak French and understand more than they thought. While it is great that I am improving in French, they are starting to expect more from me know. In the end it will only help me, but it is a little bit stressful right now trying to keep up.

Upcoming Events: Maman’s birthday, Karla’s 18th birthday, Ben’s 19th birthday, Andrea’s 19th birthday, and CHRISTMAS!!!

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