One thing that I love about Switzerland is its close proximity to so many other countries. Last Saturday, Karla and I caught the train at 6:55am to Milano Centrale! I love the fact that it is so casual for two teenagers to go to another country alone and only know two words in the language haha. When we arrived in Milan, I was blown away by the architecture, and we hadn’t even left the train station yet! After finding our way through the gigantic station to the metro station, we headed to the Duomo. I was so glad to have Karla with me since she speaks Spanish, which is very similar to Italian. Arriving at the Duomo truly felt like a dream! Sadly, it was raining the entire day, but on the plus side, the lines were a lot shorter for the Duomo. We found the entrance and headed up to the rooftop for just 9 euros! There was a class trip near us, so we got a free tour since Karla could translate it into English for me! After taking a million pictures, we both looked at each other and realized we needed food and free wi-fi. Obviously, we headed towards McDonalds and found an incredible pizza shop next door. I am not exaggerating by saying it was the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life! We decided to go back to the same place for dinner as well! In between eating, we visited the incredible Galleria and the shops of Milan. We couldn’t stop laughing when we found ourself on the most expensive street I have ever seen. Prada, Armani, Gucci, Valentino: This street had it all! Eventually, we entered our price range and found Zara and some gift shops. When I found out there was a Lush, I knew we had to go! It was incredible, because it was actually the opening day of the Milan store!! They had a band, photobooth, and a guy wearing a wig of bath bombs! We had so much fun adventuring around Milan and just living life together abroad!

The train ride home was quite eventful to say the least! We had saved an hour to navigate the metro and find our first train without a problem. During the ride, the train started to slow down randomly, but I didn’t think anything of it. The conductor then came on the loudspeaker and informed us we would be delayed. 30 minutes later, we finally left Domodossala, Italy. This caused us to miss our connecting train and have to hang out in Brig for almost an hour. Mind you that it is now getting close to 11:00pm. We boarded the train to Sion and began to relax, when almost everyone got off the train. I looked at the stop name on the train, and it read St. Maurice. As the doors started to close, Karla stood up and said, “Sara, that was our stop! That was Sion!” The sign on the trainwas broken!! It was so dark we could barely see out the windows, but as the train pulled away, I saw myself getting further away from home. Papa called me, and I was so flustered I could barely explain what had happened. Luckily, the next stop was only 30 minutes away instead of usually being over an hour away. We got off the train in Martigny and Papa drove all the way to pick us up. I was expecting a lecture, but he was surprisingly really calm. I think he could tell I was really upset since all I could say was that I was SOOO sorry! We arrived home close to midnight, and I collapsed on my bed.

While Milan was incredible, it was definitely full of memories I will never forget. I am learning that difficult situationsĀ happen to exchange students, but it is all part of the learning process! You just have to solve them and know you will look back on that moment and laugh.

Sorry this was so lengthy, but I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit into my day in Milan with Karla!

Enjoy the photos!




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