Week 4: One Month!!

Cou cou!!
I cannot believe that it has already been one month!! What?! This month has gone by so fast! I feel like I just gave my final hug to my parents before entering the elevator in New York yesterday! I have experienced so many things for the first time and met a plethora of incredible people! All of my expectations have been exceeded by a long shot! Switzerland is truly so incredible! Swiss school is amazing, but most of all, I love my family! Due to my amazing family and friends, my French is improving each and every day! I am so excited to see what the next 10 months in Switzerland have to offer!

Favorite moment: Anytime I am with my family (meeting in the airport, dinner, Le Cervin, hiking, France)

Favorite word/Phrase: Oh la la! I have been named the Oh la la girl by all the teens! haha

New habits: I now make my bed everyday, am slower to judge others, and try new fashion trends. I am also addicted to Swiss chocolate! Don’t even get me started on how amazing the cheese and bread are as well!

Motto: “20 seconds of courage!” Whenever I am nervous or feel I can’t speak in French, I remember to just have 20 seconds of courage. I can’t believe how many relationships and opportunities have blossomed from just being courageous for 20 seconds.

Funny moment: I think I have about 10 or more a day, but I have learned that embarrassing moments are great ice breakers. They also allow me to make others laugh even without speaking! I definitely miss being able to tell jokes and make others laugh.

Something I love: Every week I look forward to receiving letters from my friends and family! I have been so blessed to have such an incredible group of people supporting me in the USA. Each letter is so special to me and gives me strength on the tough days. (Special thank you to Lexy and Momo for sending me so many letters and gifts! Thank you SO much!)

Something I want to change: I really want to start doing a Bible study before school. Since I have not started going to a church here, it has really affected me. I went the first Sunday, but it is really hard since I could not understand anything! I love listening to Hillsong, but I feel that I need to really work on reading the Bible. How am I supposed to live out God’s plan if I haven’t even read His plan yet?

In all, this month has been the best month of my life! I love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and experiencing life fun of surprises. The views of Switzerland truly take my breath away! I cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world at this point of my life! Switzerland is now my home and I could not be any more ecstatic!

I will be putting up pictures with my next post about my experience at AFS Orientation Camp!








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