AFS Orientation Camp


This past weekend I traveled from Sion to Estavayer-le-Lac for Orientation Camp! It was so much fun and full of information! I am so glad that the camp was held one month into my study abroad, because I knew the right questions to ask. I arrived on Friday with three other girls from Sion. There were 16 exchange students and 5 leaders. We stayed in a chalet right on the lake! Surprisingly, it felt weird to speak English. I am so accustomed to pausing to think of how I want to say something, and I didn’t have to since we all spoke in English. We played ice breaker games, ate international food, and learned about our cultures! Five out of the seven continents were represented at camp! I loved learning about what each person was going through! I realized we are all going through the same emotions and struggles. I am so thankful for this past weekend for opening my eyes and helping me see that everything I am feeling is completely normal! I cannot wait to see the same teens again in May and discuss how amazing our year living in paradise has been!



Countries represented: USA -3 of us represented the best country (Maine, Wisconsin, and Almost Heaven West Virginia), Egypt, Italy, Ireland, Finland, India, Turkey, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Tunisia, Belgium, Brazil

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One thought on “AFS Orientation Camp

  1. So pleased you had the wonderful experience of seeing the other AFS students again. I wonder if you get together after the year.


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