School Life: Wednesday!!


Yay! It is Wednesday, my favorite day of the week!I love Wednesdays because in Switzerland, school is only a half day. I am completely finished for the day at 11:35am! That means for all of my American friends, I am going home when they are just waking up!

I am really starting to master my routine, and I have begun to add new adventures each day! This week I started visiting the post office before school to mail letters. I also found the boulangerie! I am really working on my self-control to not buy a chocolate croissant everyday!

Not only am I starting to become more comfortable, I am really starting to notice and understand differences between Swiss college and high school. (High school in French is college) For example, there are no school sports or clubs. College is purely a place for academics and the arts.Pro: Everyone is academically focused and give all of their effort to learning. Con: There are not a lot of opportunities to meet other students who share similar interests as you outside of academics. Due to everyone being focused on academics, there are no cliques! It is truly mind-blowing. I love being able to join any group of students and not feel like I don’t belong! Lastly, a big difference is the relationship between the teacher and the student. In Swiss school, the relationship is solely professional. I really do enjoy how serious school is taken, but I miss being able to go to my teachers and just talk about life. In all honesty, I really enjoy being able to experience both forms of high school. It has opened my mind to think more critically and to appreciate everything!

Here is my Wednesday schedule:

5:00am-7:13am- Morning Routine and arrive in Sion on the bus

7:15am- Mail letters at La Poste

7:20am- Arrive at school and complete math homework

8:10am- French class: Right now we are studying famous French authors/artists. I don’t understand very much, but I keep a notebook of all the new words I learn that day.

8:55am- Break

9:00am- Chemistry or Biology Lab: My science labs alternate each week. In biology, we are doing mini-labs with the microscopes to familiarize ourselves with them.

9:45am-10:00am- Break: Most students enjoy a snack or walk around the school and visit with friends. Today, I bought rice cakes covered in chocolate! They were so delicious! The packaging was written in German, French, and Italian!!

10:00am- Math

10:45am- Break: I have to walk to the gym and change into shorts and sneakers.

10:50am- Gym: Right now, we are playing badminton. Every student has to bring their own racquet for class. I was very surprised the first day.  In the USA, the school supplies you will everything. Next week, we are starting the running section. I am praying it won’t be very hot outside.

11:35am- Head to the bus!

12: 30pm: I usually arrive home, eat lunch, and check emails. Then, I translate my notes, study for the PSAT/SAT, and work on the blog!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into a normal Wednesday in Switzerland!

Have a wonderful day!!!



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