School Life: Monday’s


While I absolutely love documenting special days traveling with the fam, I think it is only right to also document everyday life. The vast majority of my time during the week is spent at school or preparing for school. I am planning to write a little except about school and then my schedule for each day throughout the next few weeks. Swiss high school (college) is vastly different from American school due to the fact that it is only for those are high achievers. All of the students must test to be able to attend high school, and the majority then plan to attend university. I actually really like it, because everyone cares about their education and has a drive to learn. The students are so kind to me and even check in on me personally to see how I am adjusting! I never feel as though no one noticed I was at school that day! The people in class 2H have honestly been a major answer to prayer!

My week usually starts like this:

5:00am- First alarm

5:10am- Second alarm, stretch and check Instagram/Snapchat

5:30am- Get in shower and get ready for school

6:15am- Breakfast with Maman (I have successfully eaten two pieces of Nutella toast everyday that I have been in Switzerland haha! I love it)

6:47am- Walk to the bus stop and greet other friends

6:53am- Board the bus to school

7:17am- Arrive at school and prepare for the day/ do any homework I forgot

8:10am- First class of the day: L’histoire

8:55am-9:00am- 5 minute break between classes

9:00am- Les Maths- I love math, because I don’t have to understand the teacher to understand the material!

9:45am-10:00am- Break/ Chocolate croissants and pastries are sold downstairs

10:00am- Anglais: I usually go with a student outside and help them practice their English

10:45am-10:50am- Break

10:50am- Economie: An interesting class about Swiss laws/economy/politics, but I cannot understand most of it because the teacher speaks rather fast. Also, it is not a topic that I am already familiar with making it rather difficult for me.

11:35am-1:00pm- Lunch!! I usually eat with friends and then go on a walk around Sion! The weather has been perfect recently! The school food is incredible! It is 12CHF per meal, but I feel like I eat at a restaurant everyday! You can follow my lunch on my snapchat: @minihartiens

1:00pm- Study hall: I didn’t realize this was a thing until I walked in late today haha. An older student quickly explained it is mandatory but to not worry about it today since I am an exchange student.

2:00pm- Chimie: I love this class, because the teacher is very funny and I truly enjoy all forms of science! I also enjoy it because he said that English is the language of science so sometimes he writes a definition in English!

2:45pm- La biblio: The other students are taking German, but I read French newspapers in the library and translate some of my notes from the day.

3:40pm- Géo: I love geography, because the teacher speaks slowly and clearly. Right now, we are analyzing population patterns in Switzerland compared to the world. Thanks to my AP World History teacher from last year, I know a good bit of information about world history and can actually contribute to the class convo.

4:25pm- Walk to bus stop: I usually take a walk, because my bus doesn’t come for a while.

5:10pm- Board the direct bus to home!

7ish pm- Eat a fabulous dinner and dessert!!

8:30pm- Snapchat friends in the USA! (Ben, Lexy, and Abigail)

10:00pm- Go to bed!

Class 2H at break time


The entrance to LCP1. The school has 3 buildings, but my classes are all in building 1 except for gym!
The city library I found today only way at lunch!
School lunch today!! It was soon delicious! Every lunch as some form of dessert and fresh bread! You are allowed to go for seconds and take as much food as you would like!

I hope that you enjoyed getting a peek into my normal Monday!









3 thoughts on “School Life: Monday’s

  1. Just love hearing about your Monday school day. The school lunch looks yummy. What a wonderful experience you are having !


  2. Salut, Sarah-Catherine! Happy to hear the other students are friendly and checking in with you. That really is an answer to prayer! By the way, I’m also crazy about chocolate croissants!


  3. Great post today. Nutella for breakfast everyday? Seriously? And you sound like a STEM gem with your delight in both math and chemistry! Even with it taught in French. Your day sounds full but rewarding. It gives a good picture of life for you. Keep on growing. Keep on learning.


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