Ladies Day in Lausanne

Hello Friends!!

I have truly began to see how independent and free Swiss teens are compared to teens in the US. Yesterday, my sister, her friend, and I went to the train station and rode the train to Lausanne for a shopping day. Lausanne is also where my sister will be going for her beauty school starting in September! One word to describe Lausanne is steep!! As you can see in the photos below, the roads are straight up and down!! I was in desperate need of perfume for the year, so I bought perfume and the girls bought makeup items. It is so cool to see what brands are global and what brands are specific to the USA. One thing I noticed is that everything is very expensive!! I ordered my usual tall green tea lemonade sweetened from Starbucks and it was 7CHF! Then we went to McDonalds for a late lunch and a McChicken with a small fry was 11.50CHF!! Then we rode the train back to Sion and shopped around until the bus came. It was a super fun day being independent, listening to French, and shopping.








All the roads are at an angle! It was so crazy!


Heading back to Sion after a great day in Lausanne!!



3 thoughts on “Ladies Day in Lausanne

  1. Sounds like it was a great day! Would love to read about a typical school day and what it’s like learning everything in French after you had your first full week of school. You are so brave.


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