To the Top!!!

Salut mes amies!!

As some of you have seen on my Instagram and pictures on the blog, I live in the Alps!! Pictures cannot show just how incredible and massive they are, but I have attempted to capture their beauty below. Last Sunday, my family and I drove to the top of the Alps to have fondue for lunch and to visit Grand-maman. My mouth was open the entire ride, because I was so in awe of how natural and high we were! The mountains are covered in vineyards and houses on the bottom, then cows with large bells in the middle, and snow and ice on the top! It was 90 degrees when we got in the car, but when we arrived at the top I had to put on my winter coat and a big scarf due to the colossal temperature change! Then, we stopped at a restaurant for fondue and tomato soup! The fondue (melted Swiss cheese) was a different taste, but I really enjoyed it! It is very heavy in your stomach, so I could not eat too much of it. I was so thankful that my family had arranged for me to eat Swiss food with such an incredible view!! Afterwards, we visited Papa’s mother and the house that he lived in when he was a child! It was such a cute house right in the mountains with beautiful flowers surrounding the house! I honestly felt like I was in a dream! I had my first really big laugh with my maman while grand-maman was talking. Grand-maman was speaking to me, but she has a very strong accent so I just nodded my head and said, “Oui, oui.” My maman could tell that I was so lost and gave me the look of, “You have no idea what she is saying.” We both let out a big laugh which caused her to have to explain why we laughed to grand-maman. I’ll never forget that moment of feeling like she truly was my maman and knew me just like a mother knows their own child. In a nutshell, last Sunday was incredible and I can’t wait to tell you about my trips for this weekend!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures below!!



Waterfalls in the mountains!


Papa pulled over on the road so I could capture this incredible view!

The extremely windy roads!!
So incredible!!


I found it very funny that they have cow crossing signs here. I am used to seeing deer crossing signs in WV.


I was so surprised to see how many people were actually biking up the extremely steep roads! I would never be able to bike all the way up like these people!


I was amazed that we were actually driving IN the Alps!! We drove through a bunch of tunnels carved right into the mountains!


Another amazing view of the mountains and lush greenery.


This is a very common sight in the Alps, because they use the milk for their famous cheese, chocolate, and cream! I loved that the cows wore big bells around their necks.


This is a lake nestled in the top of the Alps. It provides electricity for the town off of hydro-power! My phone could not capture just how blue and clear the water was. I was astonished!!


Next to the lake was a very cute fondue and soup restaurant full of hungry bikers and hikers!!


This is the tomato soup we ate at the restaurant before the fondue. I can say without a doubt that this was the best bowl of tomato soup I have ever eaten in my life!!


The views truly took my breath away!!


This is a perfect example of how gentle these giants of the Alps are towards people. Papa walked right up to the cow and scratched it’s head as if it were a dog. I was so surprised that the cow was perfectly fine with Papa!

Le pont du diable: The bridge of the Devil. Very cool to see the many bridges all through out the Alps for cars or for walking!
A normal chalet in the Alps. Most of these houses do not have electricity or have just received it within the last few years! These are true mountain people!!
Due to the long car ride of sightseeing, Voltaire enjoyed a little nap on the ride home in my scarf!

I hope that these pictures can give you a tiny view into some the incredible views I encountered last weekend! To my family: Thank you! I will never forget how breathtaking God’s creation is in the Alps

If you would like me to send you any pictures from Switzerland, the best way to contact me is via the app WhatsApp using my American phone number with the country code of +1 or via email!

Till the next adventure!

4 thoughts on “To the Top!!!

  1. I would like to know if “the views truly took [your] breath away” in part because you are so high up and the air is thin 🙂


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