Week 1: Greetings

Hello Friends!

Today marks one week since I said farewell to my parents in New York. Though I have only been in Switzerland since Friday, so much has happened!! I have met so many incredible people. To begin, I met an inspiring group of students who are also from the USA and studying in Switzerland. It is so great to know that 8 other people know exactly what I am going through. I really connected with my roommate in New York, and I am so thankful for our new friendship. Then, I met my family!! I put my trust in God that I would be blessed with a family that I would fit into, and I received the perfect family. I feel so comfortable and welcome! They have truly made my adjustment so much easier.The same night I arrived, I met all of my sister’s friends. They were so kind and welcomed me right into their group! Even though I barely spoke, they acted as if they had known me for years! I think I have mastered the Swiss greeting of three kisses on the cheek or one kiss in casual situations and with teenage friends. I was so nervous to do the “kiss”, but it feels so natural now! I also met my school. Le college is very difficult, but my school is so incredible and paired me with a fantastic student and teacher as my mentors. The English teacher gave me a tour of the school, introduced me to people, gave me lunch buddies, and her e-mail for anything throughout the year. My student mentor is now my best friend. She is a literal angel from heaven! As I sit lost in class, she whispers to me exactly what I need to know in French until I understand. In the evening she texts me all the homework, and before school she sits with me for an hour and goes over everything for the day including homework. Even though I am not receiving grades from school, if it weren’t for her I would be failing miserably!!  I guess word spread that I was an American, and everyone has lent a hand to help me out from getting on the right bus to dropping my passport! They say first impressions are everything, and I can 100% state that Saviese has made a magnificent impression on me!!



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I’ll never forget my Swiss group!
Luyet Jerome 2
Meeting my family for the first time in the airport! I’ll never forget the multitude of joyous emotions I felt in this picture.
One of the streets in downtown Sion.
Sneak peek of the view for another blog entry! My family took me on a very fun trip in the Alps!!
The sunrise on my way to school on the bus at 6:53am. I actually love riding the bus!
Everyday I walk through the courtyard to the entrance to the first building.
I have not been in this building yet, but it is another part of the school!
The center of one of the buildings of the school. This is taken from the fourth floor where my class is located!


Le biblio (the library) If I am not in class, I am usually in the library. Instead of taking German with the other students I spend my time reading French newspapers and magazines to better my French. It is a very nice hour break on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday!
The courtyard aka where I spend my the other half of my time during my 2 hour lunch break!
Views from the bus ride home
I visited the commune today to apply for my residence card! Super exciting times!

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