Je suis arrivée! (I arrived!)


I arrived in Switzerland on Friday and have loved every second!! I love my family! They are so kind and help me with my French. They are only speaking French with me except when I need help and I am so grateful. I can understand a lot of what they are saying, but I am slow at thinking of what to say so I mainly listen. I know it sounds crazy but I am starting to think in French and I am forgetting some English. My thoughts all have a French accent now, but I have been told my accent when speaking is like the Queen of England or a little girl hahaha. When I met my family in the airport my mind went blank and all I could say was, “Hi!” I was so silly. The town is gorgeous ,and the weather is perfect. I wear a little jacket and a t shirt and I am perfect. The food is amazing!! I love it all! I have my own room and my own bathroom. I was very surprised but so thankful! I start school on Monday in Sion. I ride the bus from the stop near my house to Sion and then walk to my school. The ride on the bus is 19 minutes exactly. The roads are soon windy and tight, but the bus never hits anything amazingly. The first night my sister invited me to a party with all of her friends. I loved it. I didn’t speak much, but I enjoyed listening and meeting people. I am so thankful that she lets me come with her, because I love listening and learning new words. Sorry for bouncing around to every topic.

Favorite moment: When I met my family and they told me to call them Maman and Papa because I am now their daughter. I love saying, “Maman! Papa!”

Embarrassing moment: My mind was all jumbled and I called a picture, “Un picto.” The correct word is un photo. Oh la la

Westernization: In the super market, Jennifer Lopez was playing over the loudspeaker and many other American artists. I was very surprised. McDonalds is also in the town, and I found Kelloggs cereal in the super market! My maman was very kind and bought me Corn Flakes!!

If you would like to contact me, the best way is e-mail, this blog, snapchat, Instagram, or WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging app and I use the same number as my American phone.

Prayer requests: for school, to continue to learn French

Tous mon amour,




Le lac! (the lake)


Landing in Zurich, Switzerland


I loved this meal! The neighbors came over and we had a great time! It is paella. My papa cooked it perfectly.

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