T-38 Days Till Savièse

The departure date is getting closer and closer and my excitement is growing! I cannot wait to meet my family and begin school in Switzerland! I received my visa a few days ago and my joy was through the roof! The visa process was surprisingly very easy and rapid. Once I applied, my passport was stamped and returned to me within a week! AFS makes it mandatory for all the participants to complete three levels of Rosetta Stone in the language in which they will be studying. My procrastination got the best of me and now I am quite overwhelmed by all the assignments I have yet to do. Thankfully, I have found my peace listening to Hillsong and Bethel Music. I have been stuck in a rut of wanting to have a strong relationship with Christ but not putting in the work. When I told a friend that I was focusing on strengthening my walk, the first thing they asked was, “What passage are you reading?” I had completely forgotten that reading the Bible was the best way to get to know God since it is truly his letter to us. I rapidly dowloaded the app She Reads the Truth and started a devotional about Wisdom. I will not be able to blog this upcoming week because I will be attending Breakthrough Camp, but I cannot wait to let you know what I learn!


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