Camp St. Christopher




Welcome to Camp St. Christopher!


No matter what was going on, I always found myself laughing at yet another incredibly hilarious joke of Lydia’s.


While I may be biased, Emma and Lydia are an incredibly beautiful, talented, intelligent pair of sisters that are going to spread the Gospel like wildfire. I am so proud of all their accomplishments and cannot wait to see where the Lord takes them in the future!




I truly enjoyed the raw nature Camp St. Christopher has to offer everywhere one looks.


Even a panoramic photograph could not capture the beauty. The simplicity yet colossal significance of the gigantic cross on the beach magnified the beauty of the camp.


I loved spending every moment with Lydia! She truly has such a beautiful spirit that yearns for adventure. I cannot wait to share more nights of endless laughter with her as we grow older!



Happy 4th of July!

Last year, I was lucky enough to spend the 4th with my best friend Elyse Wagner at Disney Land! This year, my grandparents blessed the grandkids with a cousins weekend at Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island. We all arrived on Saturday and stayed till Tuesday morning. Camp St. Christopher is a beautiful camp with a private beach, delicious food, and a very peaceful, Christ-focused atmosphere. Papa, Martyn Minns, was the guest speaker and delivered a very impactful lesson focused on the fact that everyone is God’s child before our worldly labels. While I loved the sailing, kayaking, and relaxing with my family, I was saddened to find myself saying my first set of goodbyes for my study abroad to the Slocum family. I cannot wait to hear how their church in Pittsburgh grows over the next year, Emma’s progress at Messiah, and Lydia’s adventures in her first year of high school! Till Cousin Week 2017


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